Eagles CB C.J. Smith should be given a big role this season

7 August 2017 Eagles News

Entering his second year, Eagles cornerback C.J. Smith is having a great training camp and deserves the opportunity to fight for a starting spot this season.

In his second year, Smith is much more comfortable with the Eagles. He knows the playbook, he knows what he is supposed to do every play and he knows what the coaches expect out of each player. He is well aware of what it takes to earn a starting role and from the looks of it, Smith is really giving the other cornerbacks a run for their money.

Smith had a small role for the Eagles last season on the practice squad. Towards the end of the season, he made appearances on special teams and at cornerback. However, he was never really given the chance to shine. But, any experience is a good experience and Smith has taken all of his experience and benefited from it.

Now, Smith is really contesting for a starting role. The current state of the Eagles cornerbacks is not too good. Jalen Mills seems locked as the number one cornerback, but besides him, all of the other positions are up for grabs. And, when you look at the cornerback position one of the things a good cornerback needs to have is consistency and so far, Smith has consistently made plays this training camp.

When the Eagles take the field this Thursday and going forward, watch Smith. If he continues to perform and the other cornerbacks do not, there is no way the Eagles cannot start him or at least give him a big role.

The other cornerbacks might have a bigger name, but the Eagles need to play the cornerback who will consistently get the job done. And so far this training camp, that guy is C.J. Smith.