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In year two, Carson Wentz to lead by example, chase greatness

11 July 2017 Eagles News

After an up and down rookie season, Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz is looking chase greatness in year number two.

In year two, Wentz is already the leader of this football team. It is Carson’s world and the players are the ones living in it.

This week, Wentz has all of the receivers and tight ends working out with him in North Dakota. From what we know, this is the first quarterback to do this during this offseason. In recent Eagles history, this is the first time this has happened as well.

Looking deeper into it, it shows that these receivers have bought into Wentz. We know Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith were lured into Philly because of the opportunity to play with him. There is something about him that makes him desirable.

Going by statistics, you would question their move. But, this is football and there is much more to a player than his statistics.

Whatever it is, Wentz just has it.

Wentz completed a rookie record 379 passes for 3,782 yards to go along with 16 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. But, he also had the most passing yards by a rookie with a clean pocket (3,162) and most deep passing yards (654). This notion that he just dinks and dunks could not be any more wrong.

The talent is there, but there is much more to him. Wentz made something out of nothing last season and showed a lot of heart and determination while doing it. He was desperate to win football games and it showed. He was always putting this team in a place to win. It says a lot to your teammates and fans when you put that much effort into it.

But, most importantly, it is his leadership and character that makes him a desired quarterback. He has the talent, he has the heart., but, without leadership, his other traits are not justified. Mixing all of the traits into one, that is a quarterback opposing teams fear and one you love to have on your team.

Some might not read into this North Dakota trip as much, but when you really think about it, it means so much more. The offense is behind Wentz, every single one on the unit.

When the Eagles drafted Wentz, this is what they were hoping to get, a quarterback with the ability to lead this team and chase greatness.


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