Can Nelson Agholor shake off the first round bust label

22 June 2017 Eagles News

After having a great start to the Eagles offseason workouts, Eagles wide receiver Nelson Agholor is on a mission to shake away the bust label he has been given by the Philly faithful.

Although it will be hard to really judge Agholor until we see him play in the regular season, he has been working very hard and looks reborn this offseason.

Agholor has struggled to produce anything for the Eagles when you look at statistics. However, if you watch closely, Agholor has much more of an impact on the game than most think. He runs great routes and does tend to get open a lot. But, many can argue that means nothing with no results.

Why did a player with so much potential just fail? Let’s break down his role and really get into why he struggled.

For the first two seasons, Agholor was given the number one receiver position. Not only did they place him out of position, but it also placed him with a lot of pressure. For a young receiver learning a new position, this was not an easy task.

Eventually, the pressure got to Agholor and he cracked. We saw what happened to him last season.

However, it is a new dawn and a new day for Agholor. With a revamped wide receiver corps, Agholor can really focus on himself rather than focusing on being the face of the receiving corps.

As a direct result of this, Agholor looks confident and sharp. He seems poised to have a big role this year for the Eagles.

Expect Agholor to get reps both outside and in the slot for the Eagles. In the slot, Agholor will be a risk for Eagles wide receiver Jordan Matthews. Matthews is out of contract after this season and the man on a mission Agholor might just take his place.

Agholor has had a great offseason so far and looks a new man, However, when Matthews comes back, it will be something worth watching.

In my opinion, the switch to the slot will only benefit Agholor. Not only is it a much more natural position, but he it also gives him a lesser role to fill. Like I stated before, Agholor runs great routes and has always shown athleticism and speed. However, when it came to catching, he broke focus.

With a new mindset and role, Agholor can show what he is really worth and prove his value.

But, the single most important reason why Agholor will be a new man this year is due to the addition of Mike Groh. Groh is a great wide receiver coach who focuses on technique and footwork. He has the receivers working extremely hard and as a whole, they all look sharp.

Groh has given the likes of Kenny Britt and Brian Quick career years. Expect Groh to work his magic with the Eagles and Agholor.

Agholor can very easily win the slot position and shake the bust label. Many players are drafted high and given an expectation they could not live up to, it is up to those players to not give up and find their place in the team. This offseason, Agholor has seemed to find his place and looks destined to break the bust label.