Eagles DL Timmy Jernigan sustains sprained ankle

5 June 2017 Eagles News

The third week of Eagles OTAs began today and the Eagles are a man down already.

Today, newly acquired DL Timmy Jernigan limped off the field injured. We now know he sustained a sprained ankle.

Sprained ankles come in three different grades, with grade three being the most severe. A grade one sprain takes about a week to recover, a grade two takes about a month and a grade three sprain can take a couple of months to heal.

We do not know the severity of the sprain at the moment, stay in tune as we get more information.

Obviously, like stated before, we do not know how severe this injury is and we should not expect the worse. However, with Beau Allen injured and out for awhile, you hope it is just a minor sprain and he will be out on the field playing by the end of the week.