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Report: Eagles & Saints discussing Jason Kelce for Mark Ingram trade

8 May 2017 Eagles News

Just when the offseason started to become a little boring, this drops!

According to Kyle Scott from Crossing Broad, the Eagles had a discussion with the Saints about trading Jason Kelce for Mark Ingram.

“I heard from a Little Birdie that the Eagles and Saints have spoken about said potential trade, and that discussions are still in the very early stages. Whether a deal gets done is still up in the air, but it would make sense for both teams. Watch this space.”

Crossing Broad is a pretty reliable source and has broken numerous stories this offseason alone. They first reported, the Alshon Jeffery signing, the Chris Long signing, where the Eagles were going to go with their first round pick, the Eagles Christmas Day game and many other stories.

I would definitely watch this story.

Think about it, does this trade make sense?

And.. when you think about it, this trade makes a lot of sense for both teams. The Eagles have crazy offensive line depth with 18 offensive linemen on the roster right now. They also do have three centers who are all starting caliber. Issac Seumalo and Stefan Wisniewski are very viable centers who play guard right now.

On the Saints side, not only did they just recently sign Adrian Peterson, but they also drafted one of the top running backs in the draft, Alvin Kamara. It seems they are pretty set at running back, Ingram, who has two years left on his contract is being outcasted.

This is almost like the Sam Bradford dilemma we had lost offseason. One player is being outcasted by a rookie and newly signed player, except in the Eagles case, the running back position is not a need due to injury, they just are not too good.

Who knows what comes out of this, however, I do think there is some legitimacy to it. This is definitely a story to watch.

Photo Credit:  Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports


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