How will the Eagles use Donnel Pumphrey?

4 May 2017 Eagles News

When the Eagles drafted Donnel Pumphrey, he was immediately compared to current Eagles running back Darren Sproles.  Although they may be the same size, their roles will be very different.

On the Move the Stick podcast,  Daniel Jeremiah alludes to the Eagles using Pumphrey more in the slot.

And…. when you think about it, that idea is not as crazy as it seems.

We knew the Eagles were extremely interested in Christian McCaffrey. They wanted a running back who could be a change of pace back and become a matchup nightmare for opposing defenses. They found it in Pumphrey.

But, it was not easy to get him. They had to pry him away from the clutches of the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys were going to take him, but the Eagles traded up to pick him right before them… thank god!

Now, Pumphrey is an Eagle.

Pumphrey is a gifted runner. he broke the FBS rushing record, racking up 6,405 yards in four years. He runs with great tempo and vision, and he is not easy to tackle. For the Eagles, a team that likes to rotate back, he is the perfect change of pace, third down back.

But, his bigger role will be in his receiving. By using him in the slot, they are not just making life easier for Carson Wentz, they are making it extremely difficult for opposing teams. Imagine trying to cover him.

The bottom line is, Pumphrey is not going to get a lot of looks running the ball, however, what he is going to do is get them receiving. The Eagles know, much like Darren Sproles, Pumphrey is a big mismatch they can take advantage of.

But, one thing is for sure,  it is going to be exciting watching him play for the Eagles. Every time he touched the ball, big things can happen.

You cannot take away anything from his production in college, his numbers are historic and unbelievable. In the team’s current state, he is going to be used as a player who draws a mismatch the team can exploit.


Photo Credit: surfturfandmurph