Instant reaction: Welcome to Philadelphia Sidney Jones

28 April 2017 DRAFT Eagles News

With the 43rd pick in the draft, the Eagles have taken Washington CB, Sidney Jones. The Eagles might have just gotten the steal of the 2017 NFL Draft.

The Eagles might have just gotten the steal of the 2017 NFL Draft.

Before injuring his Achilles, Jones was the unanimous best cornerback in the draft. From what we are hearing, his injury will force him to miss all of September.

Here is the official injury update sent to the Eagles and the other 31 teams by Jones’ doctor Dr. Anderson.

Jones has all the tools to become a shutdown cornerback in this league. He has the ball skills and instincts that all the best cornerbacks have. His toughness and desire to shut you down cannot be taught. He is a rare talent and he is an Eagle.

Prospect Film Review: Sidney Jones

The Eagles must be optimistic of Jones. Taking him is always going to be a risk because unfortunately, you do not know how he will recover. However, them taking him this early must point to them thinking he will recover without any problems.

Trust me, Jones will become a very good player in the NFL. Take it from this NFL scout.

“After watching Marcus Peters take the NFL by storm as a rookie corner, NFL scouts are paying close attention to the development of the Huskies’ young CB1 to see if he has the tools to make a similar impact at the next level. Based on his strong sophomore campaign, I believe he has the tools, competitiveness, instincts and IQ to be a “shutdown” playmaker as a pro. Jones exhibits rare polish for a young corner. He mixes in a variety of techniques (press, bail and off) in coverage, yet is rarely out of position when the ball is thrown in his area. He maintains hip-pocket positioning on receivers down the field, but also flashes the explosiveness to close quickly out of his breaks on short and intermediate routes. Most impressively, Jones shows outstanding ball skills and hands when the ball is in the air. With turnovers coveted at a premium, Jones’ potential as a playmaker makes him the top prospect at the position.”

You cannot say this pick was a homerun yet because he will not see the field until October. However, if it goes the way it should, the Eagles just got themselves a number one cornerback.


Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports