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NFL Draft rumors: “Christian McCaffrey is the player the Eagles covet”

27 April 2017 Eagles News

Per Eric Galko, Stanford running back Christian McCaffrey is the player the Eagles covet.

In his final mock draft, Galko states the Eagles are very interested in McCaffrey and believe he will be there when they pick.

“McCaffrey is the player they covet, and they believe he’ll be available. They might look to move up a few spots to secure him. If not McCaffrey, Charles Harris and Derek Barnett are possible.”

In a recent media luncheon with NFL Network analysts, Standford Head Coach David Shaw made it clear, McCaffrey is a perfect fit in the Eagles offense.

“Schematically, the Eagles are a West Coast team, That’s what Christian’s played in at Stanford University, ” Shaw said Wednesday. 

He thinks the transition into the NFL will be a lot easier for McCaffrey if he were to be drafted by the Eagles.

“You can see a lot of carryover. Christian would walk in on Day 1 and have a really good idea of the general playbook. He’d have to learn some of the nuances, but as far as the history of this offense, he’s one of those running backs who can both run the ball and catch it out of the backfield. I think he’d be a perfect fit.” 

McCaffrey can affect the game in a couple of different ways. Obviously with his running, but also with his receiving and return game. He has been deemed the perfect prospect and a cannot miss prospect. Simply put McCaffrey in the game and he changes it.

Ideally, the Eagles will use a committee at running back, but adding a player like McCaffrey will do this team will do wonders. They can line him up anywhere on the field and he will change the game.

Not to mention, people seem to lose the fact he is a great runner. He reminds me of LeSean McCoy. They are both really shifty and hard to tackle.

McCaffrey would be my ideal pick for the Eagles. It seems like him and the Eagles offense is a match made in heaven. Tonight we find out who will be the Eagles newest addition, here is to hoping it is McCaffrey.

Photo Credit: Tony Avelar / AP