Is Corey Davis a player that interests the Eagles at pick 14?

24 April 2017 DRAFT Eagles News

If the Eagles are to address the wide receiver position and give Carson Wentz a weapon, they should pick Western Michigan wide receiver, Corey Davis.

When you look at Davis, you see a true number one receiver. He is a great route runner and he has tremendous ball skill. A four-year starter in college, Davis has the experience to become a real stud in the NFL.

In his final season at WMU, Davis accumulated 97 receptions for 1,500 and 19 touchdowns. He is a scoring machine and would be a tremendous addition to the Eagles.

One thing to note is that the Eagles are one of just five teams that had Corey Davis in for a visit. The other four are the Titans, Ravens, Browns and Cardinals. Although three of those teams pick before the Eagles, the only other scenario I see him being picked in is with the Cardinals.

And, Les Bowen, a very credible writer believes the Eagles interest is substantial.

Think about it, with two free agent acquisitions, (Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith) on one-year deals, this move to pick Daivs makes a lot of sense.

When you have a young quarterback, it is important to give him players to grow with. With Davis, it gives Wentz a true WR1 he can grow with for years. Do not think just because Jeffery is there, they will not take a receiver early. The Eagles are looking to better their team and add the best player.

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If the Eagles are looking to address the receiver position and give Wentz a weapon, look no further than Davis. He might just be their pick this Thursday.


Photo Credit: Junfu Han | MLive.com file