Are the Eagles really considering Joe Mixon? Would you take him?

21 April 2017 DRAFT Eagles News

His talent is undeniable, but would you draft Joe Mixon?

The Eagles need a running back to revive the run game in Philadelphia. To solve this issue, the NFL draft has a plethora of options, including Joe Mixon.

We all know they problems and concerns with Joe Mixon, there is no need to explain them again. But, these problems come with major consequence because numerous of teams have already taken him off their board. However, the Eagles are not one of those team.

Speaking with ESPN, Eagles GM Howie Roseman had to say about Mixon.

“You talk about the things you’re looking for in a three-down back, there’s not much he can’t do, “Roseman said when asked about Mixon. “He’s incredible with the ball in his hands, you can split him out, he’s got really good hands, he can pass protect, he can make people miss. He’s an extremely talented guy. But everyone that we talk about, the total package comes into the equation.”  Via ESPN.com

Mixon might just be the best running back in this whole draft. He has all the tools to become a very good running back in the NFL……and he can return punts/kicks.

He is a true three-down back, which is something the Eagles really lack and it is something they really need. But, the key to Mixon is finding a balance between him as a person and him as an athlete.

His actions off the field are sickening to some. There is no defending what Mixon did. In fact, teams are investigating more incidents surrounding Mixon.

Does Joe Mixon have baggage dating back to high school? Longtime scout suggests so

The Eagles and teams with him still on their board have this huge dilemma. Can they balance him on and off the field? The Eagles would have to hope he grows up and changes his ways.

Mixon cannot go back in time and change his actions. Those incidents will always be with him and associated with him. He is going to get a lot of slack in the league, and whoever drafts him will get a lot of slack too. However, if he can mature, those actions will be put in the past. He needs to let his play speak for him, not his off field actions. But, he does not seem to be able to make any good from his on-field ability.

Ask yourself, can you root for Mixon if the Eagles were to draft him? Imagine wearing a Mixon jersey or shirt. While he might be the best running back in this draft and the best player on the board when the Eagles pick, some risks are not worth it. While the Eagles are still considering him, they need to ask themselves too, can you personally root for him?