How they will fit the Eagles: Washington WR John Ross

27 March 2017 DRAFT Eagles News

Welcome to my new series. Everyone is breaking down players and telling you what they think their strengths and weaknesses are. This series is not that, I am not a scout and do not intend to be one. Instead, what I am going to do is tell you how they will fit in the Eagles offense or defense.

Today we will be looking at the impact of Washington wide receiver John Ross.


  • 5’11”HEIGHT
  • 31 1/2″ARM LENGTH
  • 8 3/4″ HANDS


Even with the additions of Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith, Ross will be propelled into a starting role. Let’s face it, Jeffery and Smith are both on one-year deals, there is no guarantee they both will be back. Focus more on Smith in this scenario, he is 28-years old and essentially on three one-year deals. Ross will beat him out and be the main deep-threat receiver on this team. Almost like Chase Daniel and Carson Wentz last season, Smith will sort of mentor Ross this season.

WR1: Alshon Jeffery, Nelson Agholor

WR2: John Ross, Torrey Smith

Slot: Jordan Matthews


Obviously, his speed is what makes him so attractive. Setting the NFL combine, 40-yard dash record is no easy feet. However, he is not just blazing fast, his speed has gears to it. By that I mean he knows how to control his speed very well. He can stop and go, cut on a dime, and just flat out beat you. He knows how to beat you fast and efficiently. But, do not think he is just a deep threat.

The Eagles have struggled in the red zone for the better part of the last three seasons. Adding Jeffery is a big addition, but Ross also can give the Eagles a lot in the red zone. Imagine trying to cover Jeffery, Ross, Matthews and Zach Ertz in the red zone, now that is a scary thought.

Bottom line

If Howie Roseman wants to get a wide receiver to grow with Wentz, Ross can be that guy. He looks the part and has the tape to back it up. For a team that desperately needs a receiver to stretch the field and make a big play, the Eagles should look long and hard at selecting Ross. He fits the team and gives Wentz a long-term target and playmaker.


Fit or Not Fit

Yes, he is a fit. A young play making wide receiver is something every team with a young quarterback should look to find. As for the offense, because of his speed and red zone ability, he is a big need in the Eagles offense. He will be a great addition on the outside for the Eagles.