Picking a running back in the first round seems very unlikely

22 March 2017 DRAFT Eagles News

As much as I want it to happen, it does not seem like the Eagles are interested in selecting a running back in the first round of this draft. Although we think running back is a need, the Eagles seem to think otherwise.

When you look at the Eagles roster, running back looks like a position that needs to be addressed. When the Eagles brought in Dalvin Cook and Leonard Fournette for a visit, it ignited the running back rumors. However, various reporters are adamant, the Eagles are not going to take a running back in the first round.

I think a lot of it has to do with the Eagles position and the current state of the class. The only two worth that high of a pick are Fournette and Cook. Fournette is a top ten pick and Cook seems to be falling on some draft boards. With a deep draft class, the Eagles should not have to worry about selecting those two, especially when there are guys in the later rounds who are just a little notch below them.

But, more important than that, the Eagles already have a young back in Wendell Smallwood. I have alluded to this in a couple articles and tweets. If the Eagles think they have something in Smallwood, there is no reason to use an early pick on a running back, instead, get him a running back that will compliment him in the later rounds.

In all honesty, Smallwood was pretty good in the small amount of time he had before an injury ended his season. He finished the season with 312 yards and one touchdown on 77 carries, an average of 4.1 yards a carry. Against the Falcons (NFC Champions) and Steelers (AFC runner-up), Smallwood rushed for 70 yards or more on both teams.

He definitely showed us all flashes of what he could do. However, is he really the answer for the Eagles running game? At the least, he does deserve a chance.

So, do not get your hopes up, the Eagles are not going to take a running back in the first round. However, this does not mean that the Eagles are not going to get a running back. Names being thrown around with the Eagles are Pittsburgh running back James Connor and Toledo running back Kareem Hunt. If the class was smaller and not as deep, these two would be going a lot higher.

The dreams of Fournette and Cook in an Eagles jersey seem to be slipping away. But, sometimes you have to let go of dreams and when you finally do, that’s when you can finally move on. Eagles fans, it is time to move on from this notion and start anew.

Mandatory Photo Credit: USAToday.com