Thank you Connor Barwin, a true leader on and off the field

11 March 2017 Eagles News

When the Eagles signed Connor Barwin in 2013, he was meant to resurrect the Eagles’ pass rush. However, Barwin did much more than just that.

On the field, Barwin was a beast. He did not miss a single game and accumulated 31.5 sacks and 211 tackles. During his time in Philly, he was voted to one pro bowl and was named 2nd team All-Pro.

On the field he was excellent, but off the field, he excelled.

As much as Barwin was important on the field, off the field, Barwin was a true leader. He became a big influence on the city of Philadelphia.

One of his motto’s was you get out of a city what you put into it. He is the perfect example of that quote. The city became much more than just his home.

Instead of driving to practice Barwin rode his bike. He got to experience the city better that way. But, more importantly, when he was not riding his bike, he was taking public transportation. He even became a spokesperson for SEPTA.

Barwin might have left Philadelphia, but his impact and influence on the city will be everlasting. When in Philly, he started the Make the World Better Foundation. He invested his time in improving the city.

He hosted many events, including concerts with the goal of raising money for park projects around the city. In his time here, he was able to raise about $4 million for park projects around the city. In fact, his second phase of the Smith Playground project started just this past week.

In a statement Thursday, Barwin made sure everyone knew his projects are still going forward, “Our current projects at Smith Playground and Waterloo Playground are moving forward and very exciting. I hope to see many of you at our concert this year.”

Barwin was a figure on and off the field. It is rare for a player to come to a city and leave an even bigger impact off the field than on it. That’s not taking away from what he did on it either. He played with heart and every practice and game, he can to play. For many, the city you play in is just your temporary home, but for Barwin, Philadelphia was much more. This city and their youth needed someone to give them attention and make a change. Luckily for the both of them, the Eagles found that person when they signed Barwin in 2013.

He loved the fans and the fans loved him. He loved the city and the city loved him. Barwin was a tremendous player and everyone is proud to call him an Eagle. We wish him the best of luck and know he will succeed in whatever his next step is. Thank you for your time in Philadelphia Connor Barwin.