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How should the Eagles address their wide receiver woes? Is Alshon Jeffery the smartest investment?

23 February 2017 Eagles News

When you look at the Eagles roster, there are clear needs. The Eagles need to give Carson Wentz weapons, but at the same time, they need to improve their secondary. With little cap space, they can only ideally improve one of the positions in free agency.

Obviously, the Eagles can add depth at certain positions via free agency, but the only big moves they will be making will be at  the receiver position.

Eagles GM Howie Roseman has been adamant about not putting “band aids” on the cornerback position. The Eagles have had not success signing cornerbacks as of late, you can see why he has his concerns.

When addressing their wide receivers, there are two approaches the Eagles can have. They can go big or they can play it smart. Also, the draft will play a factor in this. The Eagles have to think about what receivers they will target and what round. In my opinion, signing a top receiver would dim the chances of the Eagles taking a receiver in the first two rounds.

I do not know what receivers will be available at each of the Eagles’ picks. But, by wanting to add a receiver early, the Eagles almost eliminate themselves from bidding a lot on a receiver in free agency. It is just a bad idea. But, if they choose to add receivers in the later rounds, they should go all out and make adding a prized receiver a priority.

If the Eagles choose to go big, they would be signing Alshon Jeffery. Jeffery is demanding a lot of money, around $15-16 million a season. There is no question Jeffery is one of the top receivers in the NFL. However, there are a couple of reasons to be concerned here. Firstly, Jeffery is a lot of money obviously. But, Jeffery still has injury issues and a history of suspension with the league. His skill is undeniable, but is he the smartest investment?

Here are three smarter options in free agency.

Stills is going to be the second most expensive receiver coming in at around $9-10 million a season.  Stills, being just 24, is still on a cheap contract. So, like anybody in that situation, he is going to be looking for a big payday. However, he would bring a new dimension to Philadelphia. With Stills comes speed and play making ability. he caught five touchdowns of 50-yards or more last season. Is estimated price and value is inflated, but his ability to stretch the field goes without question.

Desean Jackson has been doing a very good job of driving up his price. In many ways, he is an older Stills. But, being that Jackson was an Eagle, we know what he can do. Jackson is estimated at around $7-8 million a season right now. But, come free agency, who knows where that price would be. However, at 30-years of age, you have to ask yourself how much does he have left?

There is another player going under the radar in all of this. Kenny Britt is a very intriguing player. With the Eagles new wide receiver coach Mike Groh, Britt had his best season ever. Britt has an market value of around $6-7 million a season. But, if Britt decides to wait the market out, that price will go up. However, the possibilities seem endless here. If Britt was so successful under Groh the first time, who knows what will happen this time around.

With little cap space, an investment into Kenny Britt would not be a bad idea at all. Familiarity with Groh will almost guarantee some sort of success. Adding Britt and adding a wide receiver like John Ross in the NFL Draft would be an ideal situation for the Eagles. Let’s not forget, the Eagles have Jordan Matthews and a trio of tight ends who seem destined to have a big role with the team.


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