John Ross: DeSean Jackson “took my game to the next level”

21 February 2017 DRAFT Eagles News

As we move forward to the NFL draft, Eagles fans tend to get excited about drafting a wide receiver in the first round.

If you don’t mind, allow me to take that from the top. As we move forward to free agency, Eagles fans tend to get excited about signing a wide receiver. If you can see a trend here, whether it’s the NFL Draft or free agency, Eagles fans are just plain excited about one thing: Wide Receivers.

While some fans are hoping to land Clemson WR Mike Williams or Western Michigan WR Corey Williams, one name seems to escape everyone’s mind: Washington WR John Ross.

Back in December I tweeted the following out:

Today in The MMQB I read that John Ross stated that DeSean Jackson,”took my game to the next level.” The two speed demons have been working out together since last summer. You don’t say. What’s interesting is the fact that Djax even reached out to Ross to bring him under his wing.

It’s a marriage in my mind, that I’ve had playing over and over in my head. I can read the headlines now, “Eagles miss out on Williams and Davis, draft Washington speedster John Ross.” If Carson Wentz were to have these two vertical threats in the same offense, there would be no telling how silly the passing game would be in 2017.

The Washington wideout has always reminded me of DeSean Jackson, and just the idea of signing a Djax and drafting a John Ross would send chills down my football spine. Both receivers share the same similarities to their games, winning with ridiculous athleticism, with the ability to get vertical real quick. While it wouldn’t hurt for both of these guys to eat a couple of cheese burgers in their spare time, it’s safe to say that their game is all about that speed.

The 5-foot-11, 180-pound Ross had a phenomenal year for the Huskies, after missing the 2015 season, posting 81 receptions, for 1,150 yards and 17 TDS. It’s been well known that Ross does have an injury history, with two meniscus tears, a ACL tear, and microfracture surgery on his resume. However, the vertical threat showed he can stay healthy this season, winning with pure speed, creating separation with ease. The homerun hitter–who is rumored to be running a 4.3 forty–has a whopping 23 touchdowns in just 112 touches as a Huskie. Can you say Ross like a boss?

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