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Report: The Eagles will have suitors if they want to trade Connor Barwin

18 February 2017 Eagles News

According to multiple sources that told Mark Eckel of NJ.com, the Eagles will have suitors if they elect to trade DE/OLB Connor Barwin.

Recently, there were reports indicating the Eagles were going to release Barwin, releasing Barwin saves the Eagles $7.75 million in salary cap space. However, by trading Barwin, the Eagles still save $7.75 million in salary cap space plus they will get something in return for him.

Barwin is still a good football player. But, the downfall of his Eagles career came when Jim Schwartz took over the defense. Switching the  4-3 defense really hurt Barwin. Barwin finished this season with just 34 tackles and five sacks.

Barwin is a much better fit in the 3-4 defense. Any team that runs a 3-4 defense will love to have Barwin on their team. When the Eagles had Billy Davis as their defensive coordinator, Barwin was almost unstoppable. Barwin totaled 244 total tackles, 26.5 sacks, 34.5 tackles for a loss, forced four fumbles and recovered one ( in just three years).

Here is a list of teams that run a  3-4 defense in the NFL. These are the teams that will be potential trade partners with the Eagles.

Potential Suitors         Salary Cap Space

San Diego Chargers     $20,231,314

Green Bay Packers       $40,995,981

Baltimore Ravens          $15,387,844

Arizona Cardinals          $32,106,989

Indianapolis Colts         $54,238,812

Kansas City Chiefs       $4,724,707

New York Jets                 $1,491,862

San Francisco 49ers     $78,688,264

Pittsburgh Steelers      $36,763,733

Washington Redskins  $58,881,921

Denver Broncos              $31,904,799

Houston Texans              $24,396,261

Tennessee Titans           $62,389,464

Los Angeles Rams         $37,394,280

Chicago Bears                $51,632,252

As you can see, a lot of these teams (in their current salary cap space) have the capacity to trade for Barwin. He would be a great addition to most of these teams.

As for value, I cannot see Barwin being worth anything more than a mid to late round pick. Especially after the initials reports indicating he was going to be released. However, It is still nice getting something for him.


Mandatory Photo Credit: Grantland.com