The heart and soul of the Philadelphia Eagles

17 February 2017 Eagles News

Once again, the Eagles special teams unit is the No.1 ranked unit in the NFL. They now have been No. 1 in two of the last three seasons.

Led by Dave Fipp, this unit has embraced their role on the team. Fipp has found a way to get the best out of every single player on the unit. There is no wonder they are the best unit again.

This is what makes them the best.

They led the NFL in kicking starting point (27.2-yard line) and opposing kicking starting point (22.7-yard line).

They ranked second in kickoff returns (27.3-yards), punt returns (12.9-yards), kickoff coverage (18.7-yards) and penalties (10).

Lastly, they were also fourth in the league when it came to points scored (14) and fifth in blocked kicks with one.

The Eagles special teams unit often helped revive the Eagles when they were down in a game. On numerous occasions, this unit made a big play which electrified the Eagles and the stadium. This unit gives 110% effort on every play no matter the situation. At times last season, giving that kind of effort was a luxury.

This season, Caleb Sturgis set a franchise record making 35 field goals. He also tied Cody Parkey’s franchise record with four field goals of 50-yards or more.

Other notable contributors were Bryan Braman and Chris Maragos. Braman and as we know him Chris MaraGoat were always down the field making the big hit. They give everything they got on every single play. These two are crucial to the special teams.

The players have embraced their role on special teams. They know they are put into a position to succeed. “Good players end up in good positions,” Fipp says. “We spend a lot of time on fundamental techniques, and they really embrace it. We try to teach a lot of stuff. I don’t know if we do a good job of it.”

It seems the new culture of the Eagles starts with the special teams unit. They set the tone for the rest of the game. Occasionally, they back the Eagles out of the holes they dig themselves into too. This unit is the heart and soul of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Photo Credit: Burlington County Times



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