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Eagles: Adam Caplan “I would be floored if the team used a 1st round pick on an RB”

10 February 2017 Eagles News

At their spot in the draft, the Eagles are in a great position to select a running back like Dalvin Cook. However, drafting a running back in the first round is starting to seem unlikely now.

Speaking with Matt Lombardo on 97.5 The Fanatic, Adam Caplan of ESPN.com gave Eagles fans wanting Cook a wake-up call. Here is what he said about the Eagles drafting Cook or possibly another running back.

Also stating, “that’s just not how they operate.” Selecting a running back in the first round is seen as a risk, a risk the Eagles are not likely to take.

However, there are a couple of running backs available in the later rounds. Here are a few guys they can target starting in the second round.

1. Alvin Kamara – Tennessee, Height 5’10, Weight 215

There is a big hype train right now with Kamara, with scouts now saying he can go anywhere from the bottom of the first round to early second.

Kamara had just two seasons at running back for the Vols. In those two years, Kamara racked up 1,294 yards and 16 touchdowns.

He is a great runner of the football, Kamara can make a play out of nothing. He is very good at using his speed to get a good chunk of yards. Although he did not play much, he has everything needed to be a big time player on the next level.

NFL scouting report: (http://www.nfl.com/draft/2017/profiles/alvin-kamara?id=2558019)

Projected round: 1 or high 2nd round

2. D’onta Foreman – Texas, Height 6’1, Weight 250

Foreman broke onto the scene this season. After getting the starting job, Foreman has not looked back.

This season, Foreman ran for 2,028 yards and 15 touchdowns. Prior to that, Foreman had just run for 754 yards and five touchdowns.

Like Fournette, Foreman is a big and powerful runner. However, for being as big as he is, Foreman is very elusive and deceptive. He is definitely a player who needs some work, but he has a lot of promise.

NFL scouting report: (http://www.nfl.com/draft/2017/profiles/donta-foreman?id=2557994)

Projected round: 2

3. Joe Mixon – Oklahoma, Height 6’1, Weight 225

Mixon is a controversial player off the field, but on the field, he is a player who will help any team in the NFL.

Mixon is a due all back. In his career, he rushed for 2,027 yards and 17 touchdowns, along with 894 receiving yards and nine receiving touchdowns.

He hurt himself a lot with his off-field issues, but as a player, he is a game changer. He is an elusive running back and a playmaker receiver. Scouts say on the field, he is very similar to Le’veon Bell.

NFL scouting report: (http://www.nfl.com/draft/2017/profiles/joe-mixon?id=2557976)

Projected round: Anywhere from 2-4

4. Kareem Hunt – Toledo, Height: 5’10. Weight 208

Hunt is flying under the radar. At Toledo, he ran for 4,825 yards and scored an astonishing 42 touchdowns. He also racked up 529 receiving yards.

He is a very elusive player and has impressive vision. As you can tell by his stats, he is also a pretty reliable receiver. Coming from a small school, Hunt is going to have a chip on his shoulder. He is on a mission to prove himself. He would be a solid late round pick up by the Eagles.

Projected round: 4-6 round

NFL scouting report: (http://www.nfl.com/draft/2017/profiles/kareem-hunt?id=2557917)