The Bennie Logan conundrum

30 January 2017 Eagles News

As we all know, Bennie Logan will be a free agent come March, that is unless the Eagles agree to a deal beforehand. If he hits the market, numerous teams will be in line ready to pry Logan away from the Eagles. For the Eagles to keep Logan in town, they are going to have to pay up. That is the big conundrum right now, is Logan a player you invest a lot into?

Firstly, Logan is a great player, both on and the field, there is no denying that. Statistically, he is not going to wow you. However, it is the little things that make him so special. He clogs up running lanes and creates opportunities for other members of the defense.

In fact, when Logan was playing, the Eagles only allowed 91 yards against on the ground. Without him, that number skyrocketed.  Also, Logan directly impacted the play of Fletcher Cox. Without Logan, Cox did not record one sack.

You can get into the numbers all you want, but the fact of the matter is, is Logan going to take whatever the Eagles offer? Logan came out and said he intends to stay in Philly.

“I have been around here for four years. I have a great relationship with these guys. I enjoy playing next to Fletcher, Brandon Graham, Connor Barwin,” Logan said. “The relationship we have…trying to start over, do something new is not something I would be looking forward it. This is where I see myself at.”

Currently, the Eagles are not working with a lot of cap space. Reports state that the Eagles will, in fact. clear up cap space come March. As the Eagles sit, they seem to have just enough for Logan.

As reported by Mark Eckel of NJ.com, the Washington Redskins are one team already interested in Logan. Are the Eagles set to let Logan walk right into Washington? I suggest they pay Logan, he is a guy you love having on your team.

Photo by: Jeff Fusco


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