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Eagles likely to pick up a WR in FA, rather than the first round of the draft

26 January 2017 Eagles News

One of the biggest needs on the Philadelphia Eagles is a wide receiver. The Eagles need to surround Carson Wentz with weapons on offense. However, the draft might not be the answer, those players are likely to come from free agency.

In a recent interview, Eagles GM alluded to the 2014 WR draft class and how they ruined the idea of drafting a receiver in round one and having immediate success. Receivers like Odell Beckham, Kelvin Benjamin, and Mike Evans saw immediate success. Roseman says it takes patience with receivers, you do not always have immediate success.

Here is everything Roseman had to say.

“If you take out the 2014 wide receiver class and you look at this, it’s really been historically a tough position to acclimate in the National Football League,” Roseman said, “It hasn’t been a plug-and-play position. And I think that class changed everyone’s thoughts a little bit, but the reality is we have years of data that it’s a hard position to come to the National Football League and contribute. It’s a developmental position, and you’ve got to look at it when you’re drafting guys from that perspective.” 

If you think about it, two years ago, Nelson Agholor and Dorial Green-Beckham were both top 40 draft picks. Green-Beckham would have been higher too if it wasn’t for his off the field troubles. We know how those two are doing. Maybe, the struggles of those two have sort of scared the Eagles.

Free agency offers the Eagles players who will immediately impact the team. While the free agents thrive, the Eagles can develop guys like Agholor, Green-Beckham, and any receivers taken after the first round.

While names like Corey Davis, Mike Williams, and John Ross are very attractive, the Eagles would rather play it safe. There is no question, the Eagles need a receiver. To solve that problem, free agency might just be the solution.

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