Imagine if Sam Bradford was still the Eagles quarterback

14 December 2016 Eagles News

I am here to bring positivity back to the Eagles fan base. It has been a rough year for our Eagles. However, this season there is a lot to be positive about. Now, imagine if Sam Bradford was a quarterback? There would be NOTHING to be positive about.

For one, Bradford is having a solid season for the Minnesota Vikings. He has thrown for 2.954 yards, 14 touchdowns, and three interceptions. Due to a depleted offensive line, Bradford has also fumbled the ball eight times.

When thinking about it, the Vikings are very much like the Eagles. Except, their defense is a little more complete and they have better offensive weapons to throw to. However, both teams have struggled to have a stable offensive line.

If Bradford was on the Eagles they would be in the exact same situation or even worse. The Vikings are 7-6 this season. And like I said, they are a better team than the Eagles, even though the Eagles beat them. Bradford has not won them any games this season and he would most certainly not win the Eagles any either.

Carson Wentz has won the Eagles games. Wentz has been literally the only positive thing on the Eagles offense.

We have seen Wentz do some amazing things this season. Even with the terrible offensive line, lack of talent to throw to, and insufficient run game, Wentz has shown us some great signs.

With that being said, there is no reason to think with Bradford at quarterback, the Eagles would be a better team this season. And, they would not have a first round pick either.

Wentz has given us life. Wentz has given us hope for brighter days. With Bradford, we would be depressed wondering what would happen next. Now we know, the Eagles are close to being a real team. They have positions of need, but they are close. The most important position is the quarterback and the Eagles have it locked up.


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