Carson Wentz has hit the rookie roadblock

7 December 2016 Eagles News

We have seen a very different Carson Wentz recently. His play on the field has been down from the beginning of the season. Wentz has hit the rookie roadblock.

Granted, Wentz gets absolutely no help from his wide receivers, offensive line, and running backs, but, his play is still down in general. He is sailing passes, making bad decisions, and seems just a bit off. He is not as aware as he once was.

In the last three weeks, Wentz is averaging 260 yards passing a game and one touchdown. During this three-game span, Wentz is completing 59% of his passes and has an average QBR of 65.

Those are just his statistics, a lot of other variables go into those. For example, the Eagles lack of run game and wide receiver talent.

Statistics aside, the losses are definitely affecting Wentz. In a Tuesday press conference, this is what offensive coordinator Frank Reich had to say. “For a while, I thought he seemed unflappable,” Reich said. “Now, in some of the more recent losses,you sense that this is, OK, he’s feeling this one, Wentz is feeling this one.’

The recent losses are starting to get to Wentz. Being the quarterback in a struggling offense, there is pressure. Everything is on Wentz’s shoulders right now and it is wearing him down. “I think he was that young, naive, in a good sense, but still a very mature guy who came in and it was like, ‘Nothing is going to get this guy down,’ ” Reich said. “But it wears on you. It wears on you. Losing wears on you in this league.”

The Eagles losing streak is taking a big toll on Wentz. No one on the offense is stepping up to help him. Wentz has all the pressure on his shoulders. Right now, he has hit a roadblock. A win this Sunday versus the Washington Redskins will go a long way. Here is to hoping the Eagles win and Wentz can smash through this roadblock.

Mandatory Photo Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports