Eagles: A Desean Jackson reunion?

4 December 2016 Eagles News

Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that the Eagles will make a strong push for former Eagles wide receiver Desean Jackson this offseason. Jackson will most likely not be back in Washington, making him available to be signed via free agency.

Jackson was a game-changer in his time in Philadelphia. He was known for making massive plays. Some include the 88-yard touchdown versus the Redskins and of course the punt return versus the Giants.

Jackson was let go by Chip Kelly after having arguably his best year as an Eagle. After Jackson’s departure, the Eagles have yet to still replace him.

Is it the smartest move for the Eagles?

You have to ask yourself, is Jackson going to be worth it? He is 30 years old right now. Also, the last two seasons especially, he has suffered a lot of injuries. We know he is on the softer side when it comes to injuries.

However, if the Eagles sign Jackson, he brings a lot to the table for the Eagles. Right away, he is going to be their best wide receiver. This team desperately needs a playmaker. By bringing in Jackson, they are getting that.

In my opinion, the price has to be right. Even though the Eagles are desperate, they cannot show it. They need to play their cards right and not over pay. The only receivers on the market I would overpay for are Alshon Jeffery and Terrell Pryor.