Brighter days are ahead for Carson Wentz

4 December 2016 Eagles News

After having his worst day as an NFL quarterback, Carson Wentz can only use this game as a learning experience. Not all was bad for Wentz, he should a lot of characteristics you want to see in your franchise quarterback. They are only brighter days ahead of Wentz.

Wentz finished the day completing 36 of 60 passes for 308 yards and one touchdown. Wentz threw a career-high three interceptions today as well.

Wentz struggled a lot today. He made a lot of bad decisions and eventually some of those decisions turned into interceptions. Wentz has a tendency of sailing the ball due to his mechanics. For example, his second interception sailed right over Zach Ertz’s head.

When you throw the ball 60 times, of course. there will be mistakes. Not many quarterbacks in the history of football can handle that type of workload.

Imagine this, going into this game, the Eagles knew Jordan Matthews, their best receiver would be out. To counter that, the Eagles called 60 passing plays. This also is shocking knowing how bad the offensive line has been. On numerous occasions, Wentz was running for his life.

We can all talk about Wentz’s statistics and his bad decisions, but not everything went wrong with Wentz.

Wentz should us all what kind of person he is. He is a competitor and a leader. You can argue most of this team quit in this game. However, Wentz was not one of those players. He played until the final whistle. That says a lot.

He was trying to make a play with not a lot of help. Wentz was working with an unenthusiastic and shaky offensive line, a very weak receiving corps and literally no running game. It is almost a miracle that he was able to find some sort of success.

Wentz leads by example and will fight to the very end. When the Eagles give Wentz a running game and another receiver, then we will see his true potential. They are brighter days ahead for Wentz, trust me.

Mandatory Photo Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports