The Eagles need to play to their strength

30 November 2016 Eagles News

After picking up a good chunk of yards running the football on three consecutive plays, the Eagles decided to throw the ball on back to back plays. This of course eventually led to a turnover by Carson Wentz. After that debacle, you are left asking yourself one question, why do the Eagles not play to their strength.

This has nothing to do with Wentz’s ability and skill. If anything, running the football can only benefit Wentz. Right now, Wentz has everything on his plate.

This is an Eagles team that is the 8th best rushing offense. Yet, every game, it seems like they are barely using it. That is compared to the 27th ranked passing offense plagued with detrimental receivers. This team averages around 115 yards rushing a game. However, if they leaned on it more, they would be a lot higher.

On Monday, we saw Smallwood have a lot of success when running the football. He had nine carries for 37 yards. Yes, only nine carries the whole game. He came out firing in the third quarter, but after the interception, the Eagles only gave him one or two more carries.

The Eagles threw the ball 36 times and handed the ball off to their running backs just 13 times. In a game where you only had three receivers play for the majority of the game, why are the running backs not involved more?  For three whole quarter, this game was winnable and in reach. The Eagles still decided to air it out rather than run.

The Eagles will never win a football game handing the ball off to their lead back just nine times. Get these backs involved, they have been very successful when they are used. However, they are just not used enough.

The Eagles have barely used the run game this season, yet, they are the 8th best in the NFL. The Eagles need to play to their strength. Run the football.

Mandatory Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports