Over/ under bets for tonight’s Eagles game

28 November 2016 Eagles News

I decided to make an over/ under for today’s Eagles game. No one else did it so I decided that it would be a good idea if I did and I will tell you if it will go over or under my projected mark.

The amount of times Nelson Agholor dropped the ball, over/ under: 1 1/2 times

You already know I’m about to put this first. Nelson Agholor has had drop issue for the duration his two seasons in the NFL. From what I’ve seen he’s about 1-2 passes every game, so I feel like this is a fair for betting. I’m actually going to go with the under, I’ll think he’ll drop one pass, which brings me to my next over/ under bet.

The amount of times Nelson Agholor catches a ball, over/ under: 2 1/2 receptions

No this article won’t be all about Nelson Agholor, but what do you think will happen? Obviously he will get some targets, the question is how many will he get targeted and how many times will he catch the ball? I’m actually going to go with the over I think he’ll get 3 receptions, but now the question is how many yards will he get? Which will bring me to my next over/ under bet.

The amount of receiving yards Nelson Agholor will get, over/ under: 9 1/2 yards

Alright, I’m promise this is my last one about Nelson Agholor. There have been a few where Nelson Agholor has actually had more than 10 yards but surprisingly he’s had several games here he had less than 10 yards, sometimes even 0 yards. I’m actually going to go with the over since I said he’ll get 3 receptions, I feel like he’ll get 20 yards or something, sounds realistic to me. Just remember he might not actually play tonight

The amount of times you will see Paul Turner on your timeline: over/ under: 69 1/2 times

Eagle fans love Paul Tuner because he can kind of catch the ball better than the receivers we currently have. Since Paul Turner is the second coming of Jesus Christ himself, I feel like his name will be mentioned a lot. It could be because he’s not getting any playing time, or he stepped onto the field, or he may of actually had a big play. I’ll go with the over here and I feel like his name will be said over 100 times on my timeline since eagle fans are obsessed with this kid.

The amount of times Jon Gruden says spider 2 y banana, over/ under: 1/2

Everyone makes fun of Jon Gruden because of his spider 2 y banana. I think it’s amusing to be honest. Didn’t he make a banana smoothy last on Monday night during an Eagles game? And wasn’t he eating a banana as well? Seem legit to me, I’ll go with the under because Jon Gruden will be too obsessed over Carson Wentz and Aaron Rodgers to worry about spider 2 y banana.

The amount of times EDP says that the Eagles lost, over/ under: 13 1/2

EDP is a YouTuber who most people think of as the most popular Eagles fan. On Twitter he likes to say that the game is over and that the Eagles lost after the first 5 of the game. Sometimes he’s right, sometimes he’s wrong, but I think every game this season, he’s said that “alright guys, this game is over, the Eagles are trash” or something like that. I’ll go with the over because he’s on Twitter a lot and it’ll make sense if he says “this game is over the Eagles lost” like 15-16 times in a game.

What do you guys think of my over/ under bets? Let me know on Twitter @Niick_Holas!

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