Not my receiver

21 November 2016 Eagles News

After another dreadful game, Nelson Agholor can only look back and be ashamed of himself. Not only did he have a costly drop, his costly penalty turned out to have a major influence in the game. Eagles fans have had enough of Agholor, he is not our receiver.


We have to talk about this drop. Is this first round pick quality? That was his only target on the day as well. No wonder why Carson Wentz did not throw him the ball afterward. Wentz cannot trust a receiver who drops a pass in the open field. Honestly, Agholor did all the hard work. He actually ran a very nice route and even beat Richard Sherman. However, he messed up the thing he is paid to do, catch the ball.

If you think that was bad, not it is time to talk about the illegal formation penalty.

I want to make one thing clear, as a wide receiver, you can check with the sideline referee to make sure you are lined up correctly and on the line. Agholor failed to do so and this is what he had to say about it after the game.

“They said I wasn’t on the ball. I thought I covered the line as well I should of. But I should have checked. That’s the one thing, you always gotta check with the ref. Normally that’s one of the first things I do, when I lined up, I just hugged the line and tried to focus on what the coverage was.”

His mental lapse caused the Eagles a touchdown. Although Agholor was on the other side of the field, he still has the responsibility of lining up correctly. By failing to do so, his negligence cost the Eagles a touchdown. Instead of having seven points, the Eagles punted just two plays later.

Week after week, Agholor ends up costing the Eagles in one way or another. He needs to get with it. Agholor is just not mentally with it.

“I’m thinking too much and so worried, and it’s such a selfish thing that I need to stop. I need to give my energy to my teammates and this organization and not myself and feeling so pressured to make every single thing.”

The thing is, there is pressure there. Being a first round pick, you are expected to be a game-changing, play-making receiver. When you are not delivering time after time, pressure will build up. Some people thrive under pressure and some people crumble. Agholor has crumbled and I do not know if he will ever recover.

His performance Sunday was miserable. Costly mistakes by Agholor ultimately played a major role in the Eagles loss. Will we ever see first round production out of Agholor?

Mandatory Photo Credit: Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports