Game predictions: 4thandJawn staff picks

20 November 2016 Eagles News

After an impressive win versus the Atlanta Falcons 24-15, the Eagles will hope to keep their winning streak alive. The Eagles face the 6-2-1 Seattle Seahawks today at CenturyLink Field. Here is how our staff thinks the game will go.

Ryan Neal

I see this game being a defensive battle. I strongly believe, the team who outruns the other will win this game. For the Eagles to win, they need to establish the run game.  The Seahawks defense is averaging just 77.7 yards against in the run. The Eagles need a big day out of Ryan Mathews, Darren Sproles, and Wendell Smallwood. As for Seattle, they will have a diverse attack with the likes of C.J Prosise, Thomas Rawls, and even Russell Wilson. I believe the Eagles will have every chance to win this game. However, at home, I see the Seahawks edging out the Eagles. I do hope I am wrong!!!

Seahawks 20-16

Gayle Saunders (@EagleSessions)

The Eagles enter a hostile environment and all signs point to an Eagles loss, if you listen to mainstream media. However, the Eagles match up well with their Dline vs Seattle’s offense line. Birds win in the trenches on both sides of the ball today, squeaking out a win on the road.

Eagles 24-17

Mike Staropoli (@iBleedPhilly)

The Philadelphia Eagles proved a lot this past Sunday beating the “high powered offense” Atlanta Falcons. The defense showed up big making great tackles and containing Julio Jones and Matt Ryan. I’m expecting to see that same defense once again on Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks. This is the time of year the Seahawks tend to get into a rhythm and start looking like a super bowl caliber team. They proved that in their previous game against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. This game is going to be an all-out defensive war on Sunday. Even though the Eagles look like they are going to take the L on paper, I see the Eagles shocking everyone in the NFL to beat the Seahawks in a real close defensive game.

Eagles 20-17

Nick Vuylsteke (@Niick_Holas)

Hopefully, Wentz doesn’t die versus Seattle. I do see the defense playing well overall despite the fact that Russell Wilson is coming off arguably one of the best games I’ve seen from a QB. I don’t think it’s going to be a good outcome for the birds.

Seahawks 17-13

Giorgos Kassakos (Greek_QB)

No team has left the CenturyLink Stadium with a W and I can’t see the Eagles escaping that pattern. Home field advantage is a whole different thing for the Seahawks and given the miscues of the Wentz-Kelce communication, I am sure we will see a number of “delay of game”, “false start” and maybe botched snaps. The Eagles’ defensive line is in fine form and has the advantage over Seattle’s underwhelming offensive line, however, Russell Wilson has learned to play under constant pressure and has led his team to wins even in games he had bad protection and little support from the running game. It will take an “A game” all over the field from the Birds to beat the surging ‘Hawks’ and I can’t see it happening.

Seahawks 30-22