Eagles keep the duo together for three more years

18 November 2016 Eagles News

Three more years for the NFL’s best duo, Donnie “LongBall” Jones and Jon “Magic Man” Dorenbos. Just today, Jones and Dorenbos signed a three-year extension that will keep them signed through the 2019 season.

Dorenbos, who was going to be a free agent after this season, will be back in Philadelphia for three more years. It comes as a relief to many, including Coach Pederson. “It makes me sleep at night, having a long snapper with Jon’s experience,” Pederson said.

Also, Dorenbos has had a pretty successful magic act this year. After his success on America’s Got Talent, he has been on numerous television shows, including Ellen. However, his magic act will have to wait, he is an Eagles for three more years.

As for Jones, this is his fourth season with the Eagles. In all four seasons, he has been as solid as ever for the Eagles. In fact, this season he is averaging about 39.7 yards a punt. That is exactly was his career average is. His whole career he has been a consistent punter, now, the Eagles have him for three more years.

The duo lives on.







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