Eagles player power ranking: Week ten edition

16 November 2016 Eagles News

The Eagles had another home victory Sunday, defeating the Atlanta Falcons 24-15. The defense shined and the offense did enough to win the game. Here is how this week’s game affected the Eagles player power rankings.


  1.  Carson Wentz – (Same) – This was arguably Wentz’s best game yet. He was 25/36 for 231 yards. Though he did not throw a touchdown, he did not force any bad throws. He managed the game and made all the right calls. Very professional outing by Wentz. (Game rating 8.5/10)
  2. Jason Peters – (Same) – I am starting to question if Peters is immortal. We all thought he was going to regress this season, but he is playing as good as any left tackle in the NFL. He did not give up one quarterback pressure or hurry Sunday. That is a perfect game from an offensive lineman. He almost moved to number one on this list to be honest. (Game rating 10/10)
  3. Brandon Brooks – (+1) – He is one of the best guards in the NFL. In fact, he is currently a top three rated guard by PFF.com. Again, versus the Falcons, Brooks was solid. I have never seen a guard move like Brooks. He is very athletic and a fun player to watch.  (Game rating 8/10)
  4. Jordan Matthews – (+3) – To be honest, he is the Eagles only viable receiver. In the game versus Atlanta, he was the only receiver who had any type of production. He did miss a pretty easy pass, but there is no doubt he is the Eagles best receiver. Matthews finished the game six catches for 73 yards. (Game rating 7/10)
  5. Ryan Mathews – (New) – Mathews was rejuvenated in this game. Almost single handily, he brought back the Eagles run game. He finished the game with 109 yards and two touchdowns. He had a huge game and will hope to continue versus the Seahawks. (Game rating 9/10)
  6. Darren Sproles – (-1) – He may not be the lead rusher, but Sproles still finds a way to impact the game. He caught eight passes for 57 yards. In an offense that uses a lot of screens and short pass plays, Sproles is very effective. Every game, Sproles makes a big play for the Eagles.  (Game rating 6/10)
  7. Halapouliva Vaitai – (New) – As a rookie, coming in at right tackle is not easy. Big V struggled at first, but now he seems to have settled down. Against the Falcons, he had the tough task of blocking Vic Beasley, who had a sack and a forced fumble. All in all, he has held his own so far this season. (Game rating 6/10)
  8. Jason Kelce – (New) – Kelce has struggled this season, but against the Falcons, he was solid. I do not know what his long-term plans are, but for now, I cannot complain. He is a solid center. You can question his play, but he is a leader. I am sure he has helped Wentz out a lot.  (Game rating 5.5/10)
  9. Stefan Wisniewski – (New) – I think he has been solid filling in for Barbre, but when Barbre comes back, he will be on the bench again. He had a solid game versus the Falcons from Wisniewski. (Game rating 5/10)
  10. Zach Ertz – (-4) – Ertz did catch six passes for 55 yards, but, he also conceded a lot of penalty yards. He needs to do better versus the Seahawks. It is clear Wentz is more comfortable throwing the ball his way, that is a big positive. (Game rating 4.5/10)
  11. Nelson Agholor – (New) –  I think he is last for a reason. He caught two passes for seven yards. He had no impact on the game. (Game rating 1/10)


  1. Brandon Graham – (Same) – He might be the best edge rusher in the NFL this season. He is virtually unblockable. This season, he is third is QB disruptions (Sacks, hurries, and knockdowns) with 43.5. In the game versus the Falcons, he managed to get one sack. (Game rating 9/10)
  2. Jordan Hicks – (+1) – He is one of the best young linebackers in the NFL. He managed to get just three total tackles, but believe me, he was everywhere making plays. (Game rating 8.5/10)
  3. Rodney McLeod – (Same) – He is one of the best safeties in the league. Every game, he shows he was worth the money. In the game verse Atlanta, it was no different. McLeod is a stud. (Game rating 8.5/10)
  4.  Fletcher Cox – (+2) – With Bennie Logan back, Cox seemed to be back to his own. Cox is what I call a creator. He is so good that he draws so much attention. This then leads to other players making the play. Cox does not get credit for the play, but we all know he is the reason they are happening. He did not generate any visible statistics, but he had six quarterback hurries. (Game rating (8/10)
  5. Bennie Logan – (New) – We saw the immediate impact of Logan. Not only did he boost Cox, he had a massive impact in the run game. The Falcons had a very rough time running the football. Logan really secures the line and when he is in, they play to their highest potential. (Game rating 8/10)
  6. Malcolm Jenkins – (Same) – Jenkins should be higher, to be honest. He is a rare player. He can play safety and corner at a very high level. He led the Eagles in tackles on the day with a total of six. (Game rating 8/10)
  7. Jalen Mills – (+1) – Mills is very underrated. This season, he has not given up a touchdown. He has gone against guys like Dez Bryant, Odell Beckham, Antonio Brown, and most recently, Julio Jones. Sure, he gave up yards to Jones. But, he did not concede a touchdown. Like Jenkins, he also totaled a team-high, six tackles. (Game rating 7/10)
  8. Nolan Carroll – (-1) – Before getting injured, he too was doing a pretty good job covering Julio Jones. I think we will see his real value this week if he cannot go versus Seattle. (Game rating 6.5/10)
  9. Nigel Bradham – (-2) – Bradham is always high in tackles. He totaled four in this game. He is a great linebacker and a pivotal member of this defense. (Game rating 6/10)
  10. Connor Barwin – (New) – Barwin did rack up a sack in this game. Besides that sack, he was not really too effective. As a player, he has struggled this season. But, you have to admire his leadership. (Game rating 5/10)
  11. Leodis McKelvin – (New) – McKelvin has given up the most touchdowns this season for the Eagles. He was toasted on the Falcons 76-yard touchdown. He has a tendency to make a few plays, but he is not too good of a cornerback. (Game rating 4.5/10)

Mandatory Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports