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Buying or Selling: Jordan Matthews has a better day than Doug Baldwin

16 November 2016 Eagles News

This week, the Eagles travel to Seattle to take on the Seahawks. Both teams have had their struggles when it comes to offense this season. Recently, both teams seem to have had an offensive resurgence. Leading these teams at wide receiver are Jordan Matthews and Doug Baldwin. With that being said, who will have a better game? Will Jordan Matthews have a better day than Doug Baldwin?

Let’s look at Jordan Matthews season. Thus far, Matthews has racked up 580 yards on 48 receptions. He is only averaging around 65 yards per game. He has also found the end zone three times this season.

However, as of lately, Matthews has seen a massive increase of workload. The first six games he caught 25 passes on 41 targets. The last three games, Matthews has gotten 34 targets and has had 23 receptions. He went from averaging about 6 targets a game to about 12. His workload has doubled.

Baldwin is very consitent for the Seahawks. He has 50 receptions for 629 yards and five touchdowns. He is coming off of a huge game versus the Patriots, where he hauled in three touchdowns. All season, he has averaged around eight targets a game. Some games he gets less, but his workload never really changes. Baldwin is not a big stat guy, but like I said, he is very conistent with his production.

Knowing all of that, are you buying or selling, will Jordan Matthews have a better day than Doug Baldwin?

My take is this, I look at the matchup. Baldwin will most likely be going against Jalen Mills. Also, with the Eagles defensive line as good as it is, I do not see Russell Wilson having a lot of time. Do I think Baldwin will get some catches, yes. Do I think he will have a major impact, no.

Now, let’s look at Matthews. Like Wilson, I do not see Carson Wentz having a lot of time. This suits the game of Matthews a lot more than it suits Baldwin. He is a slot guy. His job is to be there when Wentz has to throw quickly. Also, the Eagles have sort of abandoned their other recivers, Matthews is their go to guy now. I see Matthews being the only prodcutive Eagles receiver, where as I see the Seahawks getting Jermaine Kearse and Tyler Lockett invloved.

I am buying, Jordan Matthews will have a better day.

Mandatory Photo Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports