Buying or Selling: The Eagles outrush the Falcons

12 November 2016 Eagles News

The Eagles will look to get their run game going again versus the Atlanta Falcons this Sunday. This game is a home game. The Eagles have been dominant at home so far this season. Their run game needs to get going early versus the Falcons.  Will it be good enough to outrush the Falcons? I think so, I am buying.

Firstly, in their three home games, the Eagles have been able to rack up 359 yards rushing, that is about 120 yards a game. Defensively, they have only let up 242 yards rushing this season at home. On average, that is just 80 yards a game.

Knowing that, let’s look at the Falcons rushing attack. Their running backs for the game will be Devonta Freeman and Terron Ward. Tevin Coleman has been ruled out. Freeman, the lead back averages just 70 yards rushing a game.

Atlanta has a pretty solid run defense to be completely honest. They allow on average 91 yards a game. But, in their four games away from home, their defense allowed on average 106 yards a game.

Darren Sproles will likely be the Eagles lead back. In the last two games, he has totaled 143 yards on 28 carries. He has proven he can be a solid runner for the Eagles. In his limited action, he has averaged 71.5 yards rushing in the last two weeks.

Knowing all that, the Eagles seem to run better at home and the Falcons tend to allow more yards away. The Eagles defense will be up for it too. They have a big boost with Bennie Logan back from injury. I would not be shocked if the Eagles get their run game going again versus the Falcons. I am buying, the Eagles outrush the Falcons.