Getting to know the Eagles prey: New York Giants

4 November 2016 Eagles News

This Sunday, the Eagles will take on the New York Giants at Metlife stadium. This game kicks off at 1:00pm on Sunday. Both teams enter this game 4-3. For the Eagles, this game is a must win. Want to know how the Giants are doing this season?

Without further ado, let’s get to know the Eagles prey.


The Giants have struggled offensively this season. They rank 26th in points (19), 19th in yards per game (345.3), 6th in passing (275), and 32nd in rushing (70.3). This is a team that only averages about 25:57 minutes in time of possession, which is also ranked 32nd in the NFL.

Eli Manning this season has 1984 yards passing. That goes along with his eight passing touchdowns and six interceptions. He has a total QBR of 87.3. He is having an off year, to say the least. He is having a hard time finding the end zone.

Their lead back, Rashad Jennings has just 142 yards rushing on 53 carries. That is good for a 2.7 yard per rush average. He has been plagued by injury, but when he was in, he was not good.

We all know about the drama that is Odell Beckham Jr’s season. But, he is still averaging 15.8 yards a reception. He has racked up 630 yards receiving and has three touchdowns. The Eagles need to be careful when defending him.

The Giants actually rank second in fewest sacks allowed. However, their offensive line has a lot of issues in the run game. The Eagles defensive line offers them a new test, So far, the Eagles defensive line has been almost undefendable. We all know that the Giants have had trouble blocking the Eagles in the past. Expect a big game for the Eagles defensive line yet again.

My final conclusion is that the Giants offense has struggled this season. They have been stagnant and cannot find the end zone. They have also turned the ball over quite a bit. Because of their struggles, they rank last in time of possession. The Eagles defense makes things uncomfortable for opposing quarterbacks, Manning is going to have a long day.


The Giants rank tenth in rushing yards allowed (93.6), 22nd in passing yards allowed (267.4), 17th in total yards allowed (361), and tenth in points allowed (20.1).

Their defensive line has a lot of money invested into it. Their starting defensive line consists of Olivier Vernon, Damon Harrison, Johnathan Hankins, and Jason Pierre-Paul. Between those four, they only have 4.5 sacks. To put that into perspective, Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham has four sacks.

The Giants defensive line has been disappointing, to say the least. The Eagles will have their hands full blocking them. However, at the end of the day, I think the Eagles handle them pretty well.

Overall Analysis

Since this is a division game, the Eagles will not have an easy game. However, in the last six matchups, the Eagles have won five times. The Eagles need to expose the Giants for what the are not good at.

The Giants defense has trouble defending anyone who is not being covered by Janoris Jenkins. Any receiver has the chance to have a big game. Expect a lot of receptions from Jordan Matthews, especially in the slot. Also, with Josh Huff gone, expect a lot of tight end usage from the Eagles. The Giants have had their fair share of trouble defending tight ends.

When it is all said and done. If the Eagles play their matchups right, they will have no problem winning this game. The Giants are a very beatable team.