Eagles need to get back to the basics versus the Giants

3 November 2016 Eagles News

The Eagles did not get beaten by the Dallas Cowboys, the Eagles got beaten by themselves. With a lead, the Eagles made some questionable decisions. These decisions mounted the Cowboys comeback and eventually, their victory. The loss last Sunday was totally avoidable. If the Eagles want to win this Sunday versus the New York Giants, they need to get back to the basics.

Here are some examples of what I am talking about.

Firstly, we have to talk about the conservative offense. The Eagles averaged just 4.7 yards a play when passing the football. Carson Wentz did not attempt a pass over twenty yards. Instead of letting Wentz air out the ball, Coach Doug Pederson decided to have Josh Huff throw the teams’ longest pass of the day. The pass was incomplete, and the play call failed.

The Cowboys did the same trick play I believe a drive earlier. I do not know if Coach Pederson thought the play looked cool when the Cowboys did it because it was a completely random play and was too cutsey. The Eagles were winning the game and did not need to run that play.

Another play that should never have happened was the Darren Sproles swing pass. This play set the Eagles back six yards. It also led to a conservative punt, which failed. The play failed, the Cowboys and more importantly, Sean Lee, read it from a mile away.

Those two instances were bad, but I think the biggest thing the Eagles need to cut out is the misuse of personnel. Two examples of this are the Wendell Smallwood fumble and the Trey Burton drop. Go back to the basics, do not throw guys in the game when it is that close.

Smallwood came into the game for one carry and he fumbled it. Why was he even put into the game? There was absolutely no need for him to be put into the game at that time. His fumble led to a Cowboys field goal, a free three points.

Trey Burton was a key figure in one of the Eagles last drives for no reason. On a key third down, Burton was lined up out wide. With a one on one matchup, Wentz threw it his way and he dropped it. Sure, the defender had a nice position, but the pass still smacked Burton in the chest.

Out of all the players to put out there, the Eagles chose Burton. Wentz could have gone elsewhere, but he still put it in a great spot, that ball needs to be caught.

The Eagles need to go back to the basics we saw versus Cleveland, Chicago, and Pittsburgh. I don’t know what happened to the offense, but they need to fix it now. This game versus New York has an almost do or die to feel. The Eagles need to beat the Giants. To do so, they need to go back to the basics.