Eagles: Message to Nelson Agholor

31 October 2016 Eagles News

Nelson Agholor has not been playing good football. This is not a rare occurrence from him, his whole career has been very disappointing. The simple fact is, for a first round pick, he is not a good football player. My message to Agholor is simple, either get better or get out of town.

After another terrible performance Sunday night, this is what Agholor had to say about his play and his drops.

“I don’t give a damn, man, that shit is nothing,” he said. “You just have to make the next one. Everybody runs routes. Sometimes they are contested. Sometimes you drop them. If you make as many as you possibly can that come your way, you’ll put yourself in a good position. No one is perfect.”

Is this the attitude you want from a wide receiver you selected in the first round? Honestly, I cannot believe he had the audacity to say that. The fact of the matter is, game after game he is consistently dropping passes. It does not end there either. He is constantly missing blocks and costing his team.

This season, Agholor is averaging just 30.9 yards receiving a game. His career average is just 24.9 yards a game receiving. In the twenty games he has played in the NFL, he has only hauled in two touchdowns. That is a touchdown every ten games.

Agholor does not want us to focus on his statistics, but it is hard to when they are that low. It is simple, so far in his career, he has not helped his team win. He has a hard time getting open on routes and when his number is finally called, you close your eyes praying he makes the catch.

Agholor needs to get better or get out of town. He is hurting this team right now. Agholor does not help this team win football games, so what is the use of playing him. Like anyone, I hope Agholor can bounce back. For now, the message is simple, get better.