Dallas Week: My favorite Eagles vs. Cowboys game

25 October 2016 Eagles News

Even though almost every week is Dallas week in Philadelphia, this week it is official. The Philadelphia Eagles take on those Dallas Cowgirls Sunday night. These games are usual very physical and for our sake, very memorable. Dallas Week is a time to reflect on the great Eagles victories over the Cowgirls. Without further ado, here is my favorite Eagles vs. Cowgirls game.

To be honest, there has only been three Eagles Thanksgiving games in my lifetime. One I do not remember, one I do not want to remember, and one I still love to this day. Yes, the Eagles 33-10 victory over the Cowboys on Thanksgiving in 2014 is my favorite Eagles versus Cowboys game.

Like I said, I was 11 when the Eagles defeated the Arizona Cardinals on Thanksgiving at the Linc in 2008. I remember the victory, but I was 11. I was more of a casual kind of fan back then. I did not pay too much attention to the game itself. Nowadays, I can break down every aspect of the game. In other words, the Eagles were my team back then, nowadays they are literally my life.

Knowing that, the Eagles versus Cowboys game in 2014 was my first ever Eagles Thanksgiving game. I am always pumped up on Eagles game day, but this game got me even more hyped. The thought of eating Thanksgiving dinner and watching the Eagles was so cool to me.

The winner of this game took control of the NFC East. Both teams went into the game 8-3. To be honest, the game was over by halftime, the Eagles were leading 23-7 and the Cowboys showed no signs of life. The Eagles went on to win the game 33-10, it was a Thanksgiving massacre. Lesean Mccoy carved up the Dallas defense for 159 yards on 25 attempts. His 38-yard touchdown run put the cherry on top of the Thanksgiving cake.

There is something very special about the Eagles beating the Cowboys in their own stadium on Thanksgiving. We all know the Cowboys pretty much invented Thanksgiving football. So, beating them in their own place during their cherished Thanksgiving game was just a perfect ending to the holiday.

As Dallas Week continues, we want to hear your favorite Eagles versus Dallas game. Also, be sure to check out our site for more of our favorite Eagles versus Dallas memories.