Eagles player power rankings: Week seven edition

24 October 2016 Eagles News

Thanks to our Philadelphia Eagles, there are no longer any undefeated teams in the NFL. The Eagles dominated the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. The defense probably played their best game of the year. On a day where the Eagles offense really struggled, the defense shined.

Let’s see this week’s player power rankings.


  1. Carson Wentz–(Same) –  This was not Wentz’s best game by any means. Some of his throws were very inaccurate and he did turn the ball over three times. However, when the offense needed it the most, he made the play. He did things in the game that you would never even imagine Sam Bradford doing. In the grand scheme of things, Wentz needs to play a lot better versus the Dallas Cowboys. For now, he stays in the number one spot. 
  2. Jason Peters–(Same) –  We all thought that Peters would be declining this season. Age, health, and level of play were all concerns going into this season. Again, Peters performed very well. He scored the highest offensive grade by ProFootballFocus.com and I think he has been the offense’s unsung hero. He has done a great job keeping Wentz’s blindside safe. 
  3. Allen Barbre (New to the rankings) –  Going against one of the best interior defensive fronts, Barbre was bound to let up at least one sack. However, Barbre stood tall. This is not the first time he has played this good. In fact, all season he has been a rock at the left guard position. He is playing at a really high level right now. 
  4. Brandon Brooks– (Down 1 Spot) – I did knock him down one spot, but Brooks and Barbre really go hand and hand. They both are so solid at their respected guard position. The Vikings came into the game versus the Eagles with a very strong pass rush. The Vikings’ defensive tackles have been great all year. Like Barbre, Brooks had none of it. They both played very well.
  5. Josh Huff–  (New to the rankings) –  Huff lead the Eagles in receiving yesterday with four receptions for 39-yards. His kick return for a touchdown really sparked the Eagles to victory. He had a huge role in the game versus the Vikings.

Players who missed out: Jordan Matthews, Dorial Green-Beckham, and Ryan Mathews


  1. Rodney McLeod-(Same)-  I thought to put McLeod ahead of Cox last week was a risky move. Look how it paid off. Again, McLeod was arguably the best player on the field. He had seven tackles, one sack, one forced fumble, and one interception. Also, he already set a career high in interceptions this season. He has been a huge addition to the team. This might be a little biased, but he is a definite all-pro candidate. 
  2. Malcolm Jenkins-(Up 1 spot)-  He is the leader of this team. After two consecutive losses, Jenkins leadership gave this team a lot of confidence.  With that confidence, they were able to dominate the game. Not to mention his four tackles and one fumble recovery. Jenkins was flying around the field all game. The safety duo of him and McLeod is the best in the league right now.
  3. Fletcher Cox– (Down 1 spot)-  Cox also showed great leadership after the two consecutive losses. He put the losses on his shoulders. He bounced back versus the Vikings. Though his statistics did not show it, he had a big impact in the game. He draws so much attention. Teams have to gameplan to stop him. That gives guys like Brandon Graham and Connor Barwin more opportunities to get a one on one matchup. However, I think Cox is in for a huge game versus the Dallas Cowboys.   
  4. Brandon Graham– (Up 1 spot)-  Graham caused havoc literally all game. He was in Bradford’s face on about every snap. He had one sack and one forced fumble on the day. He also pretty much forced Bradford to throw the McLeod interception. Graham had so much success rushing the passer, I think Sam Bradford will be having nightmares of him all week.  
  5. Nigel Bradham– (Down 1 spot)– Bradham had another strong game. He racked up seven total tackles and one sack. Really, Jordan Hicks and himself can share this spot. Both of them played much better versus the Vikings. They had a much better game in terms of just tackling. Going into Jerry World, they need to make sure they tackle Ezekiel Elliot.  

Players who missed out: Jordan Hicks, Jalen Mills (Shows how good this defense is)

Mandatory Photo Credit: James Lang-USA TODAY Sports