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The Eagles’ offensive line needs to be on top of their game today

23 October 2016 Eagles News

The Minnesota Vikings come to town today. High in spirits, the Vikings are looking to come into Philadelphia and rain on the Eagles parade. Losing today is not an option for the Eagles. Another loss today for the Eagles will completely take away any confidence they had built up. Lucky for the Eagles, the Vikings’ offense comes in banged up. However, it is not the offense the Eagles need to worry about, it is their defense.

The Vikings defense is currently the best defense in the league. They have accumulated 19 sacks in their first five games. They average about four sacks a game. Their front seven gets to the quarterback a lot. If they are not sacking you, they are hitting him.

Because they get so much pressure, opposing quarterbacks have really struggled versus the Vikings. Quarterbacks average a QBR of 65.3.  The Vikings have intercepted quarterbacks this season seven times. That is a 1.4 average a game. The pressure gets to the quarterback and he begins to rush his throws.

The Eagles’ offensive line needs to be on their A game today. The Eagles have allowed 12 sacks this season and 28 quarterback hits. However, just last week, Carson Wentz was sacked five times. The Vikings have a much better front seven than the Washington Redskins.

We all know that Big V will again get the starting job at right tackle. He needs to do a better job. The Vikings are a much better defense, but they do not have a Ryan Kerrigan. Big V should have an easier matchup in all honesty.

The key to this game will be the offensive line. If the Eagles offense line can by Wentz enough time, they will be just fine. I know that should be obvious, but the offensive line was atrocious last week. They cannot have another game like the one last week versus the Redskins. They need to protect Wentz and allow him to pick apart the secondary. They need to be on their A game.

Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports