Carson Wentz can make history Sunday

14 October 2016 Eagles News

Yes, Carson Wentz aka the Ginger Jesus can make more Philadelphia Eagles history Sunday versus the Washington Redskins. Wentz’s career just started and he is already setting rookie records for the Philadelphia Eagles. If he keeps it up, he will be setting a lot more records in the near future.

Wentz needs just two touchdowns Sunday versus the Redskins to set the Eagles’ record for most passing touchdowns by a rookie quarterback. Also, with a win Sunday, Wentz will become the winningest rookie quarterback in franchise history.

The touchdown record is currently held by Eagles Hall of Famer Donavon McNabb. In 1999, McNabb played 12 games for the Eagles tallying eight touchdowns and seven interceptions.

Through four games in the NFL, Wentz has already thrown for seven touchdowns. He in on track to have 28 touchdowns this season. Five games into his NFL career, Wentz can already have this franchise record under his belt.

Mike Boryla is the winningest rookie in Eagles history with three wins in 1974. If the Eagles win, Wentz will have his fourth win.

I am sorry Donovan McNabb, it looks like Carson Wentz is going to break your touchdown record Sunday. Wins are not guaranteed in the NFL, so Mike Boryla might be safe for a week. Records aside, the Eagles need to come out and play better football. The only thing holding the Eagles back from a win and Wentz from his records are themselves.

Photo Credit- Bill Streicher- USA TODAY Sports


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