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Jordan Matthews looks to grow with Carson Wentz on and off the field

15 September 2016 Eagles News

Entering his third season in the NFL, Eagles wide receiver Jordan Matthews has yet to play with the same quarterback. This season offers Matthews a new opportunity. With rookie quarterback Carson Wentz here to stay, Matthews looks to build off of an impressive performance week one and continue to establish continuity with Wentz.

Wentz was clearly very comfortable throwing the football to Matthews versus Cleveland. They were able to connect seven times for 114 yards and one score. They seemed to be on the same wavelength all game.

If it was not apparent already, the touchdown pass showed the chemistry between the two. Wentz switched into the play, he saw the mismatch and exposed it. Right when the ball was snapped, both of them knew the outcome would be a touchdown.

The touchdown pass to Matthews was a clear indication of Wentz’s trust in him.  Here is what Matthews said about the play.

     “Most of the time if you’re on the backside the ball is not coming to you. All week he said if they go zone, it’s coming to that backside dig. We never throw that in practice, but in the game that’s what we saw and he hit it. That’s just another testament to his maturity and his ability to go out and implement things that he saw in practice and go on to do it in a game,”

Matthews has yet to break 1,000 yards receiving in the NFL. If Wentz and Matthews play like they did versus the Browns every game, Matthews will not have a problem reaching 1,000 yards this season.

However, it is not about the yards. Matthews has yet to have the opportunity to grow and establish continuity with any quarterback in the NFL. It is going to be exciting to see the young receiver grow with Wentz over time. They do not want to have just a football relationship, they want it to feel like they are family.

Matthews offered some good insight into the relationship they want to build.

“It’s a different thing when that guy’s your brother and when he’s your quarterback, when you start having that relationship when you want to give up yourself for somebody else, the games, they just happen. It becomes fun. It becomes something everybody loves to enjoy. Like I said, Carson has that attitude.”

For the first time in his career, Matthews will be able to establish continuity with a quarterback. However, Wentz is not going to just be Matthews’ quarterback, he is going to be his brother. Wentz and Matthews look to build off of their solid performance versus Cleveland and take Chicago by storm. Here’s to hoping the two of them light it up on Monday Night. 

Photo Credit: YONG KIM / Dickinson Press Photographer

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