1st Annual Jawn Bowl


On November 19th, will your team have what it takes to go head to head with other jawners in our 8 on 8 flag football tournament? The last two teams left standing will battle for the turkey and will be crowned the 1st Jawn Bowl champions.

It’s time to pull out your old cleats, trick plays,smack talk, and start practicing your best touch down dances. Make sure you bring your friends and family to cheer you on! Bragging rights and turkey is on the menu for our tournament winners, as well as a surprise guest!

Feel free to get creative with team gear, touchdown dances, etc. Prizes will be given out for those as well! Not only will you have a blast, but this event is also for a good cause! The registration fee will be $5 a player and will go to The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (www.afsp.org)!

DATE: Saturday November 19, 2016 11am registration and warm-ups with a 12pm kickoff
at FDR Park (across from the stadiums)

All players must be 18 and each team must have a minimum of 8 players and maximum of 10

If you have any questions:
Email: Simoneazziza@yahoo.com with any questions (look out for follow up emails as the event gets closer!)
3 Options:
a. Team signups- (email team name) as well as team captain name, number, and email address. You do not need to send in individual players names
b. Free Agent Signup- We will put these players on a team complied of individual player signups

c. Volunteer: If you’re willing to help with being a ref., setup, sideline markers, or anything else would be a big help ☺

*Registration Fee: A player minimum of $5 (can give at check-in) which will go to the AFSP.ORG The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (Philadelphia chapter)


Game Play
8 players must be on the field. 1 of them must be a female player.
Teams with 10 must sub out 2 players.
3 linemen required on every play. 1 snaps the ball; 2 are eligible to go downfield for a pass.
1 blitz every 4 downs for the defense.
1 unprovoked rush every 4 downs for the offense.
On every play, the defense can cross the line of scrimmage after a 7-mississippi count (must be said out loud).
If the defense crosses the line, the quarterback is allowed to rush without using up their 1 allotted rush.

First Downs
There will be one first-down marker at midfield. That’s it.
There are NO FUMBLES. If a ball hits the ground, it’s a dead ball. (This is for safety–we don’t want people diving into each other for a fumble.) (YES OR NO BOYS?)
Center snap missed by the QB is a dead ball when it hits the ground. Replay the down with a ten-yard penalty.
Huddle Clock
No more than 30 seconds to start the next play. Five yard penalty for infraction.
Every play must start with a center snapping to another player. The snapper is eligible for receptions.
No kicks. The opposing team takes possession on its own 10.
All efforts must be made to reduce heavy contact. Tackling a player involves a motion to de-flag ONLY. Any other motion to obstruct a player’s motion is ILLEGAL. ANY CONTACT other than de-flagging against a passer in a passing motion is a penalty. Charging, running through an opposing player who has position on the field, on either offense or defense is illegal.
15 minute game clock will be kept. Clock does not stop. Team time outs stop the clock. Each team gets one team time out. Team time outs delay the start of the huddle clock by 30 seconds.
In the event of a tie at the end of the 15-minute game, play starts at the “20-yard” mark and each team will have one possession (4 downs) to attempt to score a touchdown. In the event that the game remains tied after both teams complete their initial possession, teams will exchange possessions from the two-yard line. This method is repeated until the tie is broken.

All players MUST wear flags at all times (flags provided). A player’s flags must be worn outside or on top of shirts, sweatshirts or team jerseys and be clearly visible to opposing players and referees. Failure to do so may result in a penalty.