Jimmy Smith

Jimmy was faced with death, a few years ago. In his time of recovery, he chose to use his one true passion, the Eagles, as his driving force. So, he created a group for die hard Eagles fans. He wanted to create a family atmosphere, but also provide real news and knowledge of the game. It all started with making videos, writing, making graphics and just spreading a message of positivity and determination. As he pleaded for fans to not give up on Foles, he was still battling for his life and telling himself not to give up. That determination and dedication paid off, though. As he recovered, the Eagles won their first Super Bowl! Just like the Birds stunned their haters, he has stunned the doctors and is recovering, beyond what they’d ever imagined. As he stayed determined to build his Eagles family on social media, one day he happened to start talking with Gayle. They’ve kept in contact over the last couple years and realized, they share the same goal. Jimmy hopes to some day work for the Eagles, as he has since he was a child. He’s listed #2 on the depth chart, behind Dave Spadaro.

Jimmy Smith,