AJ Torres

Andrew “AJ” Torres is a 27 year old, Northeast Philly kid, who is a die hard Eagles fan who bleeds green. AJ is a construction worker for local 1955 where he is a drywall finisher by day and a Eagles phanatic by night. When he’s not being a father to his son Julian and Husband to his wife Lindsay, he’s cracking down on everything Eagles. Whether it’s game film, player/coach press conferences, or potential draft prospects, he always has his nose into something Eagles related. The happiest days of his life have been the birth of his son, the Eagles Super Bowl victory, then his wedding. Oh and fun fact about AJ, he shares the same exact birth date as Carson Wentz (12/30/1992). He hopes to bring his Northeast Philly swagger and his love for the game and Eagles to his writing and other segments at 4th and Jawn.

AJ Torres,