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Doug Pederson may be Philly’s most under appreciated figure

5 January 2019 Opinion

By now, I’m sure you know the story of Doug Pederson. Ranked the worst coaching hire by ESPN, now is the only coach left that was hired in 2016. Called the “least qualified head coach” by Michael Lombardi, and now he has won Philly their first Super Bowl.

With all that said, people still doubted him. After the Eagles 48-7 loss to the Saints, people wanted Doug fired. My Twitter timeline was FLOODED with people saying Doug’s play calling was atrocious and he was a one hit wonder, comparing him to the likes of Mike McCarthy.

Then, Doug did it again. He proved everyone wrong, again. After the Eagles crushing loss to the Cowboys in Week 14, everyone, including myself, thought the season was over. Doug and co. did not. He took his team, who lost on a game winning TD in overtime off a tipped pass that could’ve been intercepted, and brought them into L.A. to face the Rams who many considered the best team in the NFL.

We all know what happened. The Eagles defeated the Rams, giving them a glimmer of hope for the remained of the season. They couldn’t control their own destiny, but they had a shot. We started looking into more playoff scenarios, and we found a reasonable one: Philly beats HOU & WAS and the Vikings lose to DET or CHI.

Doug had to face another challenge in NFL’s hottest team in the Texans. Early on, the play calling was exceptional. Foles was finding Ertz & Alshon all game, leaving the Texans lost. A crushing Josh Adams fumble could’ve killed the whole season, but Doug did not let that happen. The Birds battled back, and defeated the Texans, leaving one playoff scenario: beat WAS and hope MIN loses to CHI.

I don’t need to narrate what happened, you should know by now. The bottom line is, people really wanted the man that brought Philly it’s first Super Bowl ever, to be fired after a lackluster start.

I won’t lie, I thought the play style may have been figured out. However, I knew it would have been blasphemous to have Doug fired. The RPOs weren’t working, no deep shots were taken and Golden Tate had barely been used. How much of this is execution vs. play calling? I really can’t say. All I know is, Doug and co. have had this team ready, even after crushing losses to the Cowboys & Saints.

Most teams would not be in the playoffs after starting 4-6 and going  down 19-3 to a pathetic Giants team, but Doug’s team is.

No matter the outcome Sunday, we should be thankful that we have Doug Pederson as our head coach, and not the other 5 coaches ranked ahead of him that are all out of the NFL.


Report by Jack Margolin

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