The Golden Tate trade could be a failure

17 November 2018 Eagles News Opinion

With the Eagles at 4-4 at the time, Howie Roseman decided to pull the trigger and trade for Lions WR Golden Tate in exchange for a 3rd round pick. If the Eagles could make the playoffs and/or resign Tate, the trade wouldn’t be so bad, but right now, one of those options doesn’t seem to likely.

In the Eagles depressing loss to the Cowboys, Tate was barely utilized. The only true play designed for Tate was a hook and ladder play, where Zach Ertz caught a pass and tossed it to Tate.

He did return punts, but that did not workout too well.

From now on, every single game is must win for the Eagles. This could just be a wild theory, but if you’re going to trade for a talented WR in exchange for a very valuable 3rd round pick, they should utilize him.

The Saints secondary is not the best. Their offense is the real problem for opposing teams. There is really no way the Eagles can contain the Saints offense, so they’ll have to win through scoring a ton of points. Golden Tate can help with that.

If the Birds cannot utilize Tate, and they do not make the playoffs, this would be an awful trade. With all the holes the Eagles have, a third round pick is extremely valuable. That pick could have been used to draft a running back, corner, or even a left tackle.

Now, this article has been pretty negative. The Eagles could very well make the playoffs, and if Tate is a big part in that, then bravo to Howie Roseman. However, for that to happen, Doug needs to use his talent. I’m talking go routes, screen plays, and any play possible to get Tate involved in any way they can.

Tate is a magician with the ball in his hand, so getting him involved will be key to the game against the Saints.

Report by Jack Margolin

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