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Eagles at Redskins 9/10/17

Eagles fantasy football update: With the addition of Golden Tate, what does that mean for Jeffery/Ertz/Agholor’s value?

11 November 2018 Eagles News Opinion

With the Eagles trading a very important third round pick to the Lions in exchange for Golden Tate, there is no doubt they will be featuring him heavily, especially in the red zone.

I’d like to think that the Eagles view Tate as a slightly improved Nelson Agholor, so he will probably take the WR2 snaps, with Aggy being the third option. With that said, Alshon Jeffery still requires a lot of attention, so look for Tate to flourish in an Eagles uniform.

The Cowboys, who the Eagles will face on Sunday Night trying to go to 5-4, do not have the greatest of secondaries. Alshon Jeffery will probably be shadowed (I feel he’s earned the respect of teams this season enough to do this), so Tate will probably be getting very favorable match-ups, and Wentz will clearly look to get him involved early and often.

So, with all that said, is Tate a reliable fantasy football starter? I’d give that a very certain “heck yeah.”

Tate has been fairly disappointing so far (from a fantasy perspective) in terms of TDs. With only two on the season, that’s not what fantasy owners look for. To put that into perspective, Alshon has 4 in 2 less games. Once again, Alshon and Ertz will be getting the main focus in the red zone for opposing defenses, and that’s just what Tate needs: less attention from top CBs to score more in the red zone.

As for Nelson Agholor, I’d say unless you’re in desperate need of a WR, he should not be owned in many leagues. He is now the Eagles 4th red zone target, behind Alshon/Ertz/Tate. Not to say Agholor got many looks in the red zone to begin with, though. Most of Nelson’s dirty work is done after the catch, and he is more of a get-you-to-the-red-zone guy instead of a guy who can beat a corner for an easy score.

What about Zach Ertz and Alshon? They are obviously still starters, but will their numbers decline? Yes, they will be getting slightly less targets (we think), but when the Eagles need a score inside the 20 Ertz and Alshon are their number one priorities. They will still get their targets, and having Tate will only get them more open looks.

To summarize:

Stock up:

Golden Tate

Stock down:

Nelson Agholor


Alshon Jeffery, Zach Ertz

It will most certainly be interesting to see how Doug Pederson handles his newly found offensive super power, and who benefits and who doesn’t.

Report by Jack Margolin

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