The Eagles’ blowout on TNF is why a running back can only be so valuable

13 October 2018 Eagles News Opinion

FINALLY! The Eagles have shown some life, looking like their old selves with a very convincing 34-13 win over the New York Giants on Thursday Night Football. Wentz had an amazing game with 278 passing yards and three touchdowns. Alshon Jeffery proved he is a #1 receiver, with 70+ receiving yards and 2 TDs. The defense, particularly Jalen Mills and Ronald Darby, really showed up Thursday. All week, everyone was expecting Odell Beckham to have an amazing game, which certainly was not the case.

One player that did  have an amazing performance was 2nd overall pick Saquon Barkley. Barkley was breaking tackles all night, making Malcom Jenkins and Rasul Douglas look silly on many different occasions. With 229 scrimmage yards and a touchdown, Saquon had one of the best performances by a rookie in quite some time. However, it did not amount to anything in terms of the score.

While Saquon is an incredible talent, a running back can only be so valuable. Sure, Ezekiel Elliot worked out great for the Cowboys, but are the Cowboys a contender? No. A running back does not get you wins, a quarterback does. The two Super Bowl teams (Eagles and Patriots) have not invested in the running back position at all, yet they’ve made it that far.

If there are any Giants fans reading this, congratulations. You guys have an incredible talent and a future star in Barkley. However, many people, including myself, stick to the opinion that the Giants should have selected Sam Darnold. So far, Darnold has been average while Barkley has been great. Does that change my mind? Nope. The Giants have a better roster than the Jets, yet the Jets have a better record since they actually have a capable QB, which the Giants do not.

I saw a post on Twitter that really made me think:

Would you rather have Carson Wentz or Le’Veon Bell (assuming both are healthy and under guaranteed contracts). Obviously I would take Wentz. However, the analogy could relate to Saquon and Darnold.

I obviously understand that Sam Darnold is no where near Wentz’s level, but if he gets close, it’s a good question to ask Giants fans. The smart ones will say Darnold, and Thursday nights game should change the minds of those who would choose Barkley.

If Darnold does bust, then the Giants were very smart. If he is even slightly above average, the Giants made a mistake.


If you are still hesitant on my thoughts, listen to this:

A running back had 229 total yards and a touchdown, but since they don’t have a quarterback, they lost by three possessions.

A good running back is nice to have, but it can only get you so far.

If you disagree with any opinions, tweet me! Click below on my name. Interested to hear your guys’ thoughts on this.

Report by Jack Margolin

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