Doug Pederson has to be aggressive for the Eagles to be successful

7 October 2018 Eagles News Opinion

The Eagles 2-2 start is not what people want, but it’s the harsh reality we have to deal with.  The Eagles losses have been the complete opposite of their magical 2017 run. Defense has been terrible on the road, the offensive line has been putrid, and Doug Pederson has not been as aggressive as he was last season. That could be the key to the Eagles’ struggles.

In the Eagles’26-23 loss to the Tennessee Titans, practically everything went wrong. One notable thing that was out of character was Doug Pederson’s aggression, or lack there of. Aside from the bold Philly Special call in the Eagles’ Week 1 win vs. the Falcons, Doug has been an average coach so far, which is less than ideal. The lack of aggression was really present on a key play last Sunday.

After rookie Avontae Maddox got his first career interception just before the first half came to end, the Eagles were in business.  With the ball at Tennessee’s ten yard line, the Eagles were faced with a 3rd & 3, and Doug Pederson does the unthinkable. He calls a runYes, on third down with three yards to get, Doug called a run play.  While I am not saying if the Eagles ran a pass play they would’ve scored, but there definitely would have been a better likelihood of a TD on a pass, as oppose to a run. They got a field goal, but if they scored a TD, they probably could have won.


Last year, Doug would be going for it on 4th down (he had a couple 4th & > 5 situations where the Eagles punted), taking deep shots every other drive, and certainly not running the ball on third down in the red zone. We need Doug to remember how successful the Eagles were when he was aggressive.

This cannot continue. If the Eagles want to win, Doug has to start being aggressive. That means no running on third down, going for it on more fourth and shorts, and taking more deep shots.

I am not concerned, however. I truly believe Doug listens to the media and he knows he has to be more aggressive. Trust me, he will be.

Report by Jack Margolin.