NFL Draft: Conversation with Ermon lane

26 April 2018 DRAFT Eagles News

It what may of been one of the most public position changes in college history, Florida state alum and NFL draft prospect, Ermon Lane, moved from Wide-out to safety. While filming “A season with Florida State” on Showtime, the one time highly recruited WR, called his coach and asked him if he could help his team in any way possible? After a quick conversation, Lane found himself on the other side of the ball playing center field.

Coming out of high school Ermon Lane, was arguably one of the most sought after players, by colleges across the country. While he had played a bit of safety in school, he was being recruited to be the next big receiving star at Florida State. I sat down with the young monster and asked him about the position change, and what it took to adapt to his new journey?

“I played safety in high school, I know how to play the ball…. and I have I good hands so I knew it would be an easier transition for me. I really did it though, to help my team…. to help the Noles’ I had a good freshman year at WR, not as good the next year… then we had injuries that started hurting the team and I wanted to help in any way possible. Called coach and figured out the best way to do that, that’s at safety. 

I love it, I really do I like playing with aggressiveness , I like bringing the fight to the offense, I feel like it was meant to be. Don’t get me wrong if the coaches at the next level want me to be  wide receiver I will do it, shoot if they want me to be a kicker ill do it. I just want to help my team, I want to do the most I can.” 

While talking about his change of position he addressed being one of the most sought after players in high school, and not living up to the hype that came with it?

“Honestly, that’s god’s plan really. I wouldn’t want it any other way… my teammates know me, they know the person I am, so they know I will keep grinding, they know that I will do what it takes. I get what people expected of me….to be this star in college, catching all these passes, and being a difference maker in college (on offense), and it started that way ….I had a good start to it, but then speed bumps happened. I adjusted and now I play defense, I am still making a difference…I can play this game, its all football…..and I know the game of football. I know some folks were let down….but here is my chance to be a great safety at the next level in the NFL. I can’t question God, this is his plan.” 

At 6’2 205 LB’s, Ermon has the size that teams covet at defensive back. What may be the hidden gem of his game, is the time he spent at WR. With that comes an understanding of what the offense is trying to do, understanding the routes the opposing wide-out is attempting, and helping him be one step ahead.

Yeah…..I think that is the biggest thing. I have done this, at a high level….I have ran these routes, I have played on offense, so when the receiver lines up across from me, I understand why they are doing what they are doing. I understand what they are trying to do…the stance they are in….the routes they are running, I know it….I can see it coming. Then you add that to my willingness to tackle, my aggressive nature, and my hands and you have a great safety…or the potential to be a great one.” 

Like every other prospect Lane, needs work, the good news is his issues are all coachable things. The Philadelphia Eagles, have a real need at safety (for the future), so adding a versatile player like Ermon Lane, would help in the long run, while also boosting the special teams now. Considered one of the best players coming out of high school, Lane could again be traveling the road to greatness.

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