NFL Draft: conversation with Devron Davis

26 April 2018 DRAFT Eagles News

When going over the long list of 2018 NFL draft prospects, it is simple to find a handful of players who simply deserve to be a part of the bigger conversation. Turning on the tape these players stand out in almost everything they do, yet find themselves almost on the outside looking in. Of the long list of underrated, yet, deserving players it is perhaps a little know corner, from a little known school, that sticks out the furthest. Enter CB Devron Davis, of the University of Texas San-Antonio. The 6’0 210 pound prospect, and little cousin of Vernon and Vontae Davis, has the tools to be a true shut down defender and star at the next level.

“We have had some success in the league, and my family is filled with talent but he (Devron) may be the most athletic, and probably the best player of  all of us. He could end up having the best career…. I wouldn’t be surprised with that.” -Vernon Davis

“He’s quick, will tackle, aggressively plays the ball. Love his NFL bloodlines: Steven Nelson, Vernon Davis, Vontae Davis.” -Charles Davis (NFL Network) Via Twitter.

The high praise goes on for miles in the football world. Blessed with the tools to be a shutdown corner at the next level, Davis has great feet Is smooth in his back pedal and has the quick twitch in his hips that NFL brass covet, in prospects. Watching the tape its hard to find something to knock him on, as he is as dominant in the run game as he is against the pass. The only issue critics seem to land on is his school (UTSA), considered to small, saying that he didn’t face tough enough competition. To that I say “football is football” as you play the man that is put in front of you, in which he won consistently and consistency is king in the game of football.

“I hear it all, I don’t care…truth is it didn’t matter who you put in front of me, I did what was needed to help my team win. I made sure I took away my guy from your offense, and now your playing with ten guys on the field. I know I can take on the best, I did it every week in college, I made sure I took my shot at every baller I could. I wanted to face every star possible….and I came out on top. People say what they want, but in my opinion UTSA has two of the better defenders coming out in this draft….Marcus Davenport and myself… it doesn’t add up.. they say I come from a small school and haven’t faced stiff enough competition, but its not really being said about Marcus? He deserves the accolades, all this attention …he really does. He can play, but I know I did it consistently, I went out and played my butt off and did what I was told to do. I will do it on Sunday now .”

If consistency is king, versatility is the prince in this game and Devron Davis, has that in spades. The question up until now has been “can he play at the next level?” when the real question should be “Where do we line him up?” Capable of playing on an island in coverage, inside to take away a speed WR, Tight-End, and running back and is also able to play center field at safety and in the box to help the run game.

“I know some people think I should play safety, I will play anywhere they tell me to. Safety, Corner, Linebacker? I don’t care I just want to help my new team win. I don’t shy away from big backs, or whatever…..I look for contact and set the tone. It’s the way I was taught and is the way I will continue to play. So bottom line, put me in the game anywhere and I will play my butt off.”

He isn’t a house hold name right now and the talk about him being from a smaller school makes sense to a point. But the truth is he can play, he is the definition of a football player, and it would be a great step for the future to add a player of his caliber in Philadelphia (or any team). Give it time and we could all be calling him All-Pro.

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